Revealing the Unmatched Brand Story

At the time of writing, Unmatched is closing in on its first month after the most unbelievable launch on June 6th. The loyalty that people have shown me, by supporting this new brand has been nothing short of extraordinary which is why it feels the right time to publish my first blog, going right back to the start and giving you an exclusive insight into the Unmatched brand story.

How it Happened

As you are probably aware, Doug Miller is my co-founder with Unmatched, yet before launching this brand we had never worked together.

After leaving the sports nutrition industry from a previous brand, I felt as though I had unfinished business and quite frankly, I wanted to give people products which were worthy of their investment. With that in mind, when the time came to create what would become my legacy brand, I needed like minded people on board who would share the same uncompromising values as me, and would never ever want to deviate from those core values in the future no matter how big the brand got (even if it meant we made more profit!).

On many occasions through my network, I had heard many very positive things about Doug, and what had always shined through were his values. For full transparency, I had several different proposals for the new brand concept, and I did take some time to consider all possibilities. After lengthy conversations with my wife, Sibylle, and several meetings with Doug, it was clear to me which direction I wanted to go in.

Beyond feeling aligned on our values, what really stood out to me immediately, when visiting Doug’s HQ was the culture he had created with his team - everybody was very happy, focused on the mission and they all look like they trained! As a purist, working with people who live this life every day of the year just like I do matters, and that definitely caught my attention. Authenticity is so rare in this industry, yet it is something I crave.

Creating the Vision

The vision for Unmatched was to create a brand people knew they could trust with 100% transparency, with a specific focus on bridging the gap between optimized performance and longevity.

Although bodybuilding has always been my background, biohacking is something I have committed myself to for several years, which is why I have a biological age of 26 although I turn 50 this summer. Experience has shown me that a great deal of people are trying to push themselves harder, without taking care of their long-term health which seems completely counter intuitive. Unmatched had to become the brand people could rely on to facilitate unrivaled performance and recovery, while reinforcing their longevity simultaneously.

Our range of formulas are reflective of the fact our mission is to help you perform and optimize your health, which I am extremely proud of.

Beyond the ingredients themselves, we had to set standards which have not been seen before in the industry. From the off, I was absolutely insistent that this new brand would have ZERO artificial sweeteners and ZERO artificial flavorings. One of the “hidden secrets” of the supplement industry is the excessive use of artificial sweeteners - the doses would shock you! Although I cannot reveal the name, when we did testing for market research, one of the brands you will probably have used before were using an INSANE amount of artificial sweetener in their pre workout (upwards of 10 cans of Diet Coke!!).

One thing which I attribute my state of health to is taking great care of my gut microbiome, which involves avoiding things which can disrupt that. There is more and more evidence suggesting that artificial sweeteners can impact our gut microbiome negatively, which can lead to a plethora of issues! Through leading specialists in the medical world, I have also been shown a lot of evidence which suggests artificial sweeteners can also contribute to things like metabolic syndrome, which is really hurting our society on a daily basis (it is estimated just 9% of Americans have robust metabolic health). These are just some of the reasons why Unmatched had to be completely free of artificial sweeteners and artificial flavorings.

Bringing the Vision Alive

With the vision in hand, Doug and I had to make it a reality.

This involved investing a lot of our own hard money, building a team of people dedicated to the Unmatched brand and preparing ourselves for launch. The amount of work and effort that goes into creating a brand like Unmatched is incredible - the taste testing alone, compounded by the fact we had NO artificial ingredients to make the formulas taste more palatable, took a great deal of time to R&D.

Although there were many complications along the way, the team spirit amongst the Unmatched family and our sheer belief in the vision meant none of us ever felt like it was too far away. We all wanted to make this brand happen in order to give customers something which was truly unique and market leading, and that kept us all working towards a common goal in the pre-launch phase.

June 6th, we finally got to go live and welcome our first customers on board.

As I started this blog with, I was simply astounded by the support from those who have followed me for years, by coming straight across to Unmatched before we had even revealed the formulas. From a personal perspective, I knew that our formulas were unrivaled and broke new territory, by bringing performance and longevity together, but I still needed to see the positive feedback from our customers to give us confirmation we had got it right. Thankfully, the feedback has been phenomenal, and we are already seeing thousands of people repurchase because they identify with the brand ethos, values and quality we are providing at Unmatched. Furthermore, we have already won a substantial retail deal with The Vitamin Shoppe, seeing Unmatched sold throughout 700 stores in the USA, with several high profile overseas wholesalers also taking the brand on with immediate effect.

Disrupting the Industry!

It goes without saying, we have only just begun. Creating a market leading brand vision, and ensuring the quality is unrivaled is one thing, but building long-term success is a completely different ball game. My personal mission, and the same can be said for Doug and the rest of the Unmatched family, is to disrupt the supplement industry.

We want to force the industry to raise its standards, by pioneering a 100% natural range of products, which uses robust science to demonstrate the real impact of every ingredient on performance and health. Facilitating better performance and recovery isn’t enough anymore, we as an industry must also place more emphasis on supporting longevity, which is exactly what Unmatched does for you.

As I sign off, I just want to reiterate my gratitude for everybody who has supported Unmatched, and believes in the vision. Let’s disrupt this industry together, and forge a better path for others to follow along.

Kris Gethin | Co-Found Unmatched