In a crowded and often stagnant supplement industry, it can be hard to find a brand that stands out. Unmatched is here to change that. Founded by two industry leaders, Kris Gethin and Doug Miller, Unmatched sets a new standard for excellence, ethics, transparency, and innovation.

Doug Miller is a two-time Natural World Bodybuilding Champion, and Kris Gethin has been voted the Worlds #1 Trainer on three occasions, and they have surrounded themselves with the best team they could find because we believe that you deserve the best possible support on your journey.

At Unmatched, we believe that you deserve more from a supplement brand. That's why we go above and beyond to deliver the highest quality products that are naturally sweetened, backed by rigorous testing, transparent sourcing, cutting-edge science, effective dosing, the world’s finest ingredients and a commitment to quality, health, and performance. We never settle for mediocrity or follow the status quo. Instead, we push the boundaries of what’s possible and challenge ourselves to evolve in every way. While many brands prioritize performance at the sacrifice of your health, we bridge the gap between your health-span and with unmatched performance 

But we don't just stop at world leading quality, we also want to prioritize and support you on your personal journey and needs as an athlete or fitness enthusiast. That's why we offer you a combined 50 years of expertise and cutting-edge resources to help you maximize your full potential.

Most brands are run by people who don’t workout or prioritize their health. We say that Knowledge without Mileage is Bull$hit – we understand you because we are you. We put in the work and are proud to be your shop window front.  We don’t allow our environment to control us, we control it. We invite you to walk with us side by side as leaders, not followers.

This is what sets us apart...


Kris Gethin x Doug Miller

Kris Gethin | Doug Miller